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Khamis, 29 Julai 2010

Heart Eco's 1st Anniversary & 2nd Giveaway!

♥ Heart Eco
Lets Join giveaway by http://hearteco.blogspot.com

There will be 2 categories:-
1st :

2nd :
'Teddy Loves',

Want to participate? Here's how!
1) Be a follower of Heart Eco.
2) Join and be a fan Heart Eco's Facebook page
by clicking the 'like' button here
3) Create your own post about this giveaway
4) comment back with post link

Just simple n easy...

There got so many C.U.T.E item sold here

Owl Friends Keychain

Five lovely Owl Friends of different colours to suit your personality!

Domo Felt Hp Pouch

protects your phone and provide it a cozy home :)
Owl Paperbag Book
These handy note books are decorated with recycled items :)

Hearty Lil Note Book


This C.R.E.A.T.I.F custom handmade item
was made by

So Many cards
note books
and other item

was made by jesslynlcl@gmail.com.
She L.O.V.E to
make things from recycle item
she is eco-friendly person who concerned
about the health of the environment.

I like to wish

To a wonderful friend
I would like to say
Something from my heart
On this your special day

Best wishes to you
May the things that you made
Last your lifetime through
As you make a wonderful life

The winners will be chosen this way:
'Rainbow Peace' winner would be chosen by best post
whilst 'Teddy Loves' winner would be randomly

Hurry participate by 31st July 12.59pm! :)
Okay Done..

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